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F-123 土业园地 (第 123 期) 2011.10.24
Field for Artificial Soil Technology AST (№ 123 )
作者:李鹏飞 Author Li Pengfei October 24, 2011
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Tenth quotation from me
    对事物的观察与思考,我从来就不是一个安分守己分子,在我的脑海中有许多奇离古怪的东西,错误的居多,正确的少,别人不赞成的居多,赞成的少。譬如说,我念小学时,有一天上学 , 大白天看见天上有一颗星星,现在我知道了那是金星。早在 1955 年,我读初二,我设想搞一套装置,它一经运行起来就会永不止息的为人类工作,我画成图样并把它寄给中国科学院院长郭沫若,中科院的工作人员还真的给我的母校,长春六中的领导写了封信,物理老师找我谈话,后来我才知道,那就是永动机,是不可能成功的。又如,我于 1961 年构思, 1963.1-1972.2 我完成《摇篮 - 探索地能原理及其在地质科学中的应用》一书的初稿,简称《地能学》。在书中我否定地球有一个铁镍核心存在,我认为地球的质量重心不在形体中心,而形体中心则是由非金属和轻金属元素组成的,我把自己戏称“地球空心论者”。此外,复梭织布机、再生式三刮刀钻头、气动采油法等,也都成为过路烟云,淡出了我的脑海。而这次的人造土壤技术,我是铁下心来搞到底,直到我的心脏停止挑动。为什么呢,因为我挨过饿,我发过大誓和许过大愿,一定要解决老百姓的吃饭问题。
    我希望得到青年志愿者的帮助,不是因为我身体不好或者经济困难,而是希望能把土业学术思想体系传承下去。青年志愿者可以不赞成我的学术观点,他如同大学教师一样,教师给学生讲的各种不同的学术观点,他不可能全都赞同。青年志愿者的前提是自愿的,我虽然不能给他发放工资,对他的帮助也尽力回报。我现在有许多工作要做,每年 52 期《土业园地》,我的英文不好,每天要读 China Daily 和语法书,尽量少出错误。我又感到知识不足,我必须掌握世界最新科技发展动态,诸如农业、环保、水利、能源、气候、军事、航空航天、社会、金融,甚至于考古及人类学方面的新发现我都要关注。我的做法是,衣服口袋里有一张纸和一只笔,我看到有用的资料就记录下来,在街上见到好的广告词我也抄下来。如果青年志愿者赞成我的学术观点,那就更好了,我们志同道合,土业学派的力量壮大一倍,从 1 个人增加到 2 个人,我们可以携手,把土业学术思想体系传承并发展下去。
Tenth quotation from me
I want to say that I hope to get the help from young volunteers.
I love to observe and think about things. I have always been a person who is not content with his lot. There have been a lot of strange ideas in my mind; most of them are wrong and disapproved while a few are correct and advocated. For example, I saw a star in the sky on my way to school in broad daytime one day when I was still a pupil in elementary school, and now I know that is Venus. Back in 1955 when I was in the second year in middle school, I wanted to build a device that would run forever without stopping. I even made a drawing and sent it to Guo Moruo, President of Chinese Academy of Sciences at the time. Someone from the Academy wrote a letter to my mother school-The 6 th middle school of Changchun. My physics teacher had a talk with me on that and later on I got to know that device should be called perpetual motion machine, which was impossible. In 1961, I started thinking and in Jan.1963 – Feb. 1972, I completed the first draft of my book “ Cradle-Probe into the Principle of Geological Energy and Its Application in Geological Science ” , briefed into “ Geological energy-Geoenerlogy (coined by me) ” . In this book, I denied that the Earth had an iron-nickel core. I thought the mass center of the Earth was not in the actual center of it and the actual center of the Earth was made up of nonmetal and light metal elements and I dubbed myself “ a hollow earth theorist ” . In addition, multi-shuttle looms, renewable three-blade bits and pneumatic oil production method, etc. have all faded away in my mind. However, the artificial soil technology is different from the all the other ideas to me. I have made up my mind to carry it out till the end of my life. Why? I went through starvation, so I have made an oath and a pledge to solve the food problem for the Chinese people.
I wish to get the help from young volunteers not because I am in poor health or in economic trouble, but I hope that the academic idea system of soil school can be passed on. The young volunteers may not approve of my academic idea. It is like that they can not fully agree with their college teachers who pass on different academic ideas to them. Being young volunteers means that they are voluntary. I may not pay them salary, but I will try my best to return their favor. I have lots of work to do, including 52 issues for the “ Field for AST ” each year. My English is poor, and I have to read “ China Daily ” and grammar books to avoid making mistakes in my writing. I feel that my knowledge is not sufficient. I have to catch up with the latest developments of science and technology, such as new discoveries in agriculture, environment protection, water conservancy, energy, climate, military affairs, aerospace, society, finance, archeology and anthropology. I always carry a piece of paper and a pen with me and I will jot it down whenever I find some useful information or even a piece of good ad on the street. If any young volunteers are in favor of my academic idea, things will be better. We are like-minded, and then the strength of the soil school will double from one person to two. We can work together to pass on the academic idea system of soil school and develop it further.
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