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F-026 土业园地 (第026期) 2009.12.14
Field for Artificial Soil TechnologyAST(№026)
作者:李鹏飞 AuthorLi Pengfei December 14, 2009
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Eighth strategic significance of AST


Eighth strategic significance of AST

Eighth strategic significance of AST:The adoption of the artificial soil technology is a good way to deal with world-wide emergencies.
Our country is such a big one and the international relations are so complicated. Anything could happen at any time, such as natural disasters, accidents, wars, nuclear wars, sudden raids, etc. To live in the world in an invincible position, one should always be prepared to deal with all kinds of situations. As a superpower, we should respond more quickly to emergencies and have stronger endurance. The artificial soil technology and especially the engineering agricultural technique have taken these factors into account. For example, artificial land will be made in locations with more than 70m of altitude in case of the elevation of the sea level. We will talk about dealing with emergencies by taking No. 16 intermediate test program of artificial soil technology for example. The program is a typical one set at the southern foothill of Mount Tianshan as its background, simulating agricultural activities under extreme adverse natural conditions. The artificial land is chosen to be on the slope with 45° angle exposed to the sun. The test area is covered with exposed rocks, with almost no plants, no natural soil. The climate here is dry with annual precipitation of less than 200 mm. The temperature is high with enough sunlight and big temperature difference between day and night. According to the artificial land design program, engineering agricultural technique will be used to cut into the mountain and break the rocks and 100 cm deep trough base of terraced fields will be built first. Then dig a water storage chest below the trough base. The water storage chest is connected with the gathering ground in the test area. Fill 100 cm thick artificial soil into the trough base of the terraced fields, thus the artificial cultivated land comes into being. To prevent the evaporization of water of the fields, plastic sheds or glass sheds are built on the artificial land. When it rains or snows, ground runoff will be formed on the mountain and the water in the gathering ground will flow to the water storage chest below the artificial land. It is designed in the program that 695 m3 water can be stored under every mu of artificial land, that is to say, one full fill of water of the water storage chest equals 1041mm annual precipitation, which can not be used up for irrigating in two years. Therefore even in case of atomic war, clean water will be provided for men and animals and the supply of water and foods can be guaranteed for the soldiers at the front, which is of practical meaning to rejuvenating the Chinese Nation and defeating all outside invaders. In addition, I am not purposely turning simple things into mysteries or trying to please the public by claptrap. It will be of some meaning to have tests inside underground tunnels, at outer space stations or on the surface of the moon. In another word, even if the artificial cultivated land can no longer be used because of nuclear pollution, we can make another piece of land. From this intermediate test program, people can get some idea of how artificial soil technology can be used to deal with emergencies.

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