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F-002 土业园地 (第002期) 2009.6.29
Field for Artificial Soil TechnologyAST(№002)
作者:李鹏飞 AuthorLi Pengfei June 29, 2009
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Why, I Choose Internet



Why, I Choose the Internet

From the second half of 2001 to the first half of 2002, I did a test on artificial soils. The test was done to simulate the forming of natural soil under artificial factory conditions, out of which artificial soils with the essential properties of water-retaining, heat-retaining, permeation and fertility for plants to grow was made from inorganic and organic materials in a short period. Lab test of the soils for planting indicates that wheat can grow well in them with normal development of its roots, stem and leaves as well as the ear of wheat, which shows that the test has been successful.
Next intermediate tests should be conducted. This serves as an important link between the past and the future. In this stage, feasibility study can be done and programs can be optimized and the economic and technical parameters can be measured to do the economic and technical evaluation, providing necessary technical preparation and program design basis for the full-scale spreading of the technique. In fact, I had worked out the basic concept and preliminary operation program for the intermediate test, but due to the lack of funds, the test had to be stopped midway.
In order to seek for help from all circles of the society and get financial support, I had sent 220 letters from June14, 2002 to March 17, 2006. Meanwhile, according to the situations of the recipients, I had sent some autograph letters and other materials to express my sincere expectations and firm determination and resolutions. Up to now, 9 letters have been sent back because the addresses were not clear and I have received only 12 replies and no answers for the rest 199 letters. The letters were sent mostly to the ∑ people (see F-003)at various layers, followed by higher learning institutions and academic bodies. The 12 answers were sent as routine business and the same message was conveyed either indirectly or directly: they did not support me.
From April 19, 2004 to February 2, 2005,I have sent separately twice my articles as contributions to 18 Chinese leading medias, which are Panjin Daily, Guangming Daily, People’s Daily, Qiushi Journal, Farmers Daily, Chinese Journal of Ecology, China Environment News, Journal of Economic Perspective, China Youth Daily, Workers Daily, Science and Technology Daily, Global Times, Outlook Weekly, China Youth, Environmental Protection, Journal of Beijing University, China National Radio and CCTV. But up to now, none of my articles have been used by them and in the best situation; I had my articles returned to me.
From June to September, 2007, I had stayed in Beijing for three months, and I had spent more than ten thousand Chinese dollars, hoping that I could get some help from some sectors and some organizations involved. But unfortunately, I was refused permission to pass through their gates, let alone talk anything about my artificial soil technology with anyone. After retuning from Beijing I have studies English for one year to improve my writing abilities in English and to reduce mistakes even jokes.
I am fighting in isolation now. I hope more people can support me, especially young people. On June 22, 2009, I created My Web, I want to announce and send my academic ideas to the world in Chinese and English .I firmly believe that the technology will win victory on our planet and another stars.

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